Health Promotion & Education BAS Program Readmission Form

This request form is for students that have been on an approved leave of absence from the Health Promotion and Education BAS program or took an approved deferred enrollment and would like to be readmitted to continue their completion of the program. Students are not guaranteed readmission by submitting this request form. Once the form is submitted, the program will review your case. The decision to readmit is determined by the Health Promotion and Education BAS program chair or the Dean of the Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute. Submitting this request form does not guarantee automatic readmission into the program.

Once a request is approved, you will be required to meet with the Health Promotion and Education BAS program manager to go over a revised education plan. This will need to take place before you resume taking classes within the program.

Please complete the form below to submit your readmission request.

This is the quarter you are requesting to return to the program after being on an approved absence.
Please give us your original reason for your approved Leave of Absence or deferred enrollment and let us know why you are ready to return to the program. You do not need to give details however the more you are willing to share, the better the Health Promotion and Education BAS program is able to make their decision and assist you.

Last Updated December 20, 2023