Health Promotion and Education BAS Acceptance Form

Acknowledgement A(Required)
I acknowledge that my admission is contingent upon the completion of any remaining prerequisite and corequisite coursework required for the Program. If applicable, uncompleted coursework will be outlined by the Program Manager. All transcript evaluations are considered unofficial until completed by the Evaluations department
Acknowledgement B(Required)
I acknowledge that I must meet with my Program Manager to confirm my educational plan to complete my degree requirements. This meeting will be a virtual Microsoft Teams meeting or phone call. You will receive information on how to schedule an appointment with the Program Manager. Any changes to my educational plan must be discussed with the Program Manager and approved in writing. Deviating from my education plan without express written permission may result in being dropped from unapproved courses and/or disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the Program.
Acknowledgement C(Required)
I acknowledge that I must start the Program in the quarter for which I have been accepted and failure to do so may result in dismissal from the Program. If I wish to delay starting the Program, I will notify the Program, which may, in its discretion, move my application to the following admission cycle. I understand that I am not guaranteed admission in the following admission cycle.
Acknowledgement D(Required)
I agree to conform to the policies, rules and regulations of Bellevue College as well as the policies and procedures described in the Student Handbook for the Program and that these may change from time to time. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with current policies, procedures and rules. The Program has the right to change the handbook without notice. It is understood that future changes in the handbook supersede or eliminate those outlined in this current handbook, and that students and faculty will be notified as soon as practical.
Acknowledgement E(Required)
I Acknowledge that in order to maintain my active status in the Program I must maintain an educational plan of at least at least 10 credits per quarter and no more than 15 credits per quarter, unless expressly approved in writing by the Program Chair.
Acknowledgement F(Required)
I acknowledge that completion of the Program is contingent on completing all coursework with a ‘C’ grade (2.0) or higher unless otherwise specified on the course description or prerequisites listed.
Acknowledgement G(Required)
I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my contact information up to date and to check my BC email regularly in order to receive important program information. Furthermore, I understand that faculty and staff will not respond or communicate via personal email addresses.
Acknowledgement H(Required)
I acknowledge that I have access to the minimum hardware, software, accessibility and skill set requirements listed in the Technology Requirements.
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Photo Release
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Last Updated December 20, 2023