Health Promotion and Education BAS Defer Enrollment Request Form

This form is for students that have been offered admission to our program and would like to request their enrollment to be deferred by one year. The decision to approve deferment is determined by the Health Promotion and Education BAS program chair or the Dean of the Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute. Submitting this request form does not guarantee automatic deferred enrollment in the program. An offer of admission can only be deferred for one academic year. Beyond that time period, students will need to reapply for admission into the program.

Please complete the form below to request a deferment of your enrollment in the Health Promotion and Education BAS program.

Please list the quarter and year that you were originally offered admission into the program
Please give us the reason for why you want to defer your enrollment into the program by one year. You do not need to give details however the more you are willing to share, the better the Health Promotion and Education BAS program is able to make their decision and assist you.

Last Updated December 20, 2023