HCI Readmission Application

Welcome to the readmission application for the Healthcare Informatics program. This form is for students who were previously accepted into the program and are planning to return to their studies after an approved leave of absence. Students who were offered admittance but chose to defer their start may also use this form if returning within two (2) quarters.

  • We will communicate with you using your BC student email.
  • To assist our scheduling and advising, please indicate if you plan to continue as a full-time student (3 courses per quarter-usually 15 credits) or part-time (1 or 2 courses per quarter- 5 to 10 credits).
  • Please type your full name to illustrate your formal e-signature. By signing, you acknowledge that all fields completed above are correct and true and that submitting a Request for Readmission does not guarantee readmission as admission to the program is competitive.

Last Updated August 6, 2018