Charter a Student Organization

What is a Student Organization?

A Student Organization is student-led and student-driven. Students set the agenda for what the group will do, manage the group’s events and activities, run their own officer elections and set the goals for themselves. The student organization’s advisor and the Office of Student Engagement support student organizations through a student-development-centered approach that fosters learning and personal growth for involved students. Student organizations at Bellevue College have no employment relationship with the College, as they do not have paid faculty or staff advisors, and student leadership positions are also voluntary. Student organizations are different from “programs,” which have a staff or faculty member who oversees the group and who may set expectations. Other groups may have student leaders, but they are not considered student organizations. To learn more, everything you need to know is in the Student Organization Handbook on our Organization Resources page.

Why is chartering important?

Chartering is the only way to be officially recognized as a Bellevue College Student Organization. Once chartered, you have access to funding opportunities, support and guidance from the staff of the Office of Student Engagement, access to campus resources, and preapproval to represent the College at events and activities.

How It Works

New and returning organizations are required to charter annually to stay actively recognized. This process is managed by the Office of Student Engagement and Associated Student Government (ASG). To request a student organization charter, complete the form below. The form will be routed for approval to your advisor before being submitted to us. If you haven’t been able to find a faculty or staff advisor, let us know and we’ll help you find one. Once chartered, your members and advisor will receive guidelines and training from the Office of Student Engagement.

What does the chartering form ask for?

  • Organization name, description, vision & goals, benefit to students, and urls for website(s) and/or social media profiles.
  • One president and one treasurer selected at the time of application (if the organization chooses to elect more than one president, only one president can function as the liaison between the organization and Office of Student Engagement.)
  • The names and BC email addresses of five leading members enrolled as BC students.
  • At least one advisor who is professional BC faculty or staff. A student organization must have an advisor to remain chartered. Students are encouraged to find co-advisors to share the responsibilities.
  • By submitting this form, your group agrees to abide by all of the policies, procedures, and terms set by ASG and the Office of Student Engagement.

Have questions about chartering?  We can help! Please contact Amanda Arboleda.

Last Updated August 23, 2022