What is an FYI?

FYI is an acronym for “For Your Information”, and there are two FYI digest sent at Bellevue College. BC FYI is a daily newsletter sent to faculty and staff. Bulldogs FYI is a weekly newsletter sent to students.

Messages for both FYI’s are submitted by faculty and staff members, and are emailed out to most Bellevue College employees or students in digest form, but depends on subscription status and what newsletter the post is submitted to.

All messages will be available to all Bellevue College employees and students on this website. As this website is freely available on the internet, messages will also be visible to the general public.

Messages are for college-related information in which most recipients might be interested.
Examples include:

  • announcements for campus events
  • information of general interest
  • special requests to the college community.

Campus email users are automatically added to the “All BC-FYI” group when their email accounts are created. FYI membership was reset when we transitioned to the new system— users who previously opted out will need to opt out again.

If you do not want to receive FYI emails, you may opt out by following the instructions on opting out at the Service Desk website.

What sort of content should I send?

  • First, consider the importance of the message to the recipients, not the sender; information should be of use to a majority of the campus community.FYI should only be used if the message will be of interest to the large majority of recipients. If not, a more closely targeted personal distribution list, or list of individual email addresses, should be used.
  • All messages sent to this distribution list must be related to college business. For instance, retirement announcements are acceptable, while Girl Scout cookies or a TV for sale are not.
  • No more than two [FYI] e-mails should be sent to the campus regarding any single event.
    • Events should also be submitted to the Events Calendar.
    • Large campus events may have two: one, an advance notice a week or two before, and the second a reminder the day before or day of the event.
    • Routine events should have only one notice.
  • FYI is not appropriate as a forum for personal or political statements.

Last Updated August 16, 2022