Players and Coaches Expectations

Players: After reading the department expectations, please sign this form showing your commitment and submit the form.


  • Players can expect coaches to provide a positive learning environment.
  • Players can expect the coaches to be fair and give an honest evaluation of players.
  • Coaches will promote good sportsmanship and lead by example.
  • Coaches will maintain good communication with players.
  • Coaches will hold players accountable who do not abide by good sportsmanship, attendance in practice sessions and games/matches.
  • Coaches will have all the NWAC and BC required paperwork and trainings updated at all time.


  •  Players will come prepared to practice and games with all proper attire and equipment.
  • Players will be expected to give full attention during practices and games.
  • Playing time/starting is not guranteed and will be based on game performance, practice performance, attendance and attitude.
  •  It is expected that all players exemplify and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.
  •  Players are expected to be respectful of their coaches, officials and opponents.
  • Players are required to maintain eligibility status throughout the school year.
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Last Updated March 13, 2024