Run for President of Associated Student Government (ASG)

Apply to run for President of Associated Student Government for 2022-2023!

The Associated Student Government (ASG) Board of Directors is looking for its next President. ASG is comprised of nine officers: the ASG President and Vice President are elected and the other seven officers are selected through an appointment process managed by the current ASG. Each position has specific responsibilities outlined in the ASG By-Laws. 

The ASG Board of Directors manages the Services and Activities (S&A fee) process; and works with campus partners in Sustainability and IT on oversight of the Student Environmental Sustainability Fee (SESF), and the Student Technology Fee (STF). The ASG Board provides recognition and funding for student organizations, and serves as a forum for student issues and concerns.

Members of the ASG Board of Directors also have individual projects and serve on campus-wide committees. The purpose of the Associated Student Government of Bellevue College Board of Directors is to act as the voice for students at Bellevue College and ensure student participation in college issues, while being committed to building an inclusive campus community.

Fall 2022 Election and Process Timeline

October 19, 2022: By-laws modified         

Week of October 24: Application to run for President open

November 4 @ noon: Application closes

November 4 @ 5 PM: Candidate pool approved

November 7: Candidate orientation, TBD

November 8 – 30: Campaigning

November 28-30: Voting period

December 1 & 2: Results announced by Election Committee

Elected Position:

  • President

Elected Position

ASG President

Weekly Hours: up to 19hrs/week, paid via biweekly stipend

Pay: $20,000

End Date: June 30

Position Summary: The ASG President is responsible for the leadership and guidance of the ASG. The ASG president is responsible for upholding the guidelines set forth in the ASG Constitution, Bylaws, Financial Code and representing the best interests of the Bellevue College student body. This includes working collaboratively with students, staff, faculty, administrators, Board of Trustees, and partners around the state on leadership and advocacy as a student representative of Bellevue College.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership and manage the direction of the ASG Board of Directors
  • Uphold the ASG Constitution, ASG Bylaws, ASG Financial Code, Killian Guidelines and applicable College Policies, WACs and RCWs
  • Follow Roberts’ Rules of Order for all meetings
  • Serve on all assigned committees
  • Follow Code of Student Conduct
  • Serve on the S&A Committee
  • Delegate any duties that are deemed necessary to accomplish ASG goals and objectives


At time of application submission, all candidates must be in good standing and remain in good standing with regard to the Code of Student Conduct and:

  • Have a 2.7 cumulative GPA of Bellevue College college-level credits and maintain a 2.5 cumulative and 2.7 quarterly BC college-level GPA throughout the tenure of the position.
  • Must have completed thirty (30) college-level credits within BC.
  • Must not hold another position at Bellevue College at the time of appointment (must relinquish any paid on-campus employment when term begins and may not hold another paid position on campus for the duration of the term) 
  • All positions are expected to present prior experience in leadership or pedagogy.

Campaigning Rules for Elected Position – President

All candidates for elected positions must attend a mandatory candidate orientation session

Campaign events to showcase candidates and provide a forum for all candidates to meet students will be hosted and scheduled by ASG. All other campaign events must be pre-approved by the Election Committee.

ALL Candidates for Elected and Appointed positions should review the Campaign Rules and other requirements in the ASG Bylaws.

Instructions for Completing the Application

Incomplete applications will not be considered. All applications must be submitted through the webform. Check the position you are interested in and add your information. Upload your resume, cover letter and (for elected positions only), three letters of recommendation. Submit by November 4 at 12:00 PM.

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Last Updated October 25, 2022