Schedule Adjustment Request (time conflict/misplacement/section change)

  • Student Information

  • Class information

  • e.g. ENGL
  • e.g. 101
  • e.g. 33345
  • Instructor Information

  • A copy of this request will be sent to the registration office and the instructor whose email address you provided. Submitting this form does not guarantee enrollment in the course. The instructor must authorize the registration office to enroll you. It is your responsibility to track this request and confirm registration by checking your class schedule regularly.


  1. Fill out this form and click the submit button.
    • You will receive a confirmation email if your request is successfully submitted. If you do not receive this email, your request did not go through.
  2. If the instructor approves your request, the Enrollment Services Office will process the schedule adjustment.
    • It is the instructor’s discretion whether to approve your request. If the request is not approved you may not receive notification that the request has been denied.
  3. To see if the adjustment has been processed, you must check your BC email and your class schedule frequently.

Last Updated April 23, 2020