Request to retake a course a 4th time

Students cannot be reported for courses funded with state dollars if enrolled more than three times for the same course – this is defined as two repeats in addition to the original enrollment.. You may request to take a course more than three times by submitting the form below. In reviewing your request, we take into the consideration the following:

  • Extenuating circumstances that prevented you from successfully completing the course
  • Your academic, career, and personal goals
  • Steps you have or are taking to ensure successful completion of the course
  • The amount of time that has passed since you last enrolled in the course

Based on college policy 3010 Course Repeat, if approved to enroll beyond the limit, we may ask you to participate in student success interventions to support you in completing the course and your academic, career, or personal goals. This may include taking and paying for a student success class.

You must also meet with an academic advisor to develop a written plan for being successful in this additional attempt. It can include the academic support options you will be utilizing to help facilitate the successful completion of the course. You must upload this plan as indicated within this form. As an alternative, you can submit a letter of support from the course instructor which outlines reasons/indications for their support of your additional enrollment attempt.

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Last Updated May 4, 2023