Course Substitution Request

Before submitting this request, please review the requirements for course substitutions:

Professional Technical Degrees and Certificates. Substitutions for professional technical program coursework or other requirements are allowed under the following conditions:

  • The department’s program chair or dean requests the substitution; and
  • The substituted course contains at least 51 percent of the content of the required course; and
  • The substituted course is in the same discipline or department as the required course; and
  • The substituted credits do not exceed 25 percent of the credits needed to complete the degree or certificate program; and
  • The substitution is not for coursework typically associated with general education credits or transfer eligible credits.

These procedures apply to substitutions that are considered a rare occurrence and not a standard practice. Program chairs who frequently request a course substitution for a degree or certificate requirement should officially change the completion requirements for their program to reflect the acceptance of the substituted course. Professional technical coursework that is deemed equivalent to courses completed at other institutions are considered under the transfer credit process.

For more information, please see Policy #3120

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Last Updated December 1, 2020