Low Ropes Course Form

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Form is to used to book a new Challenge Course Session
  • Why are you bringing this group? i.e., group project, relationship forming, communication building, individual and team support etc.
  • Course Requirements
    Please check the box above to confirm your agreement that your class will comply with the following course requirements: 1. All participants must have a signed waiver. ( If a minor, this will need to be completed by a parent or guardian) 2. All participants must have closed toe shoes that are tied 3. No gum 4. No smoking 5. No loose or dangly jewelry 6. Shirts required 7. No one's head can be below their heart 8. No actions that are not reversible (will be explained on course) 9. A concept of Challenge by Choice is required of all participants. This is an individual and group process.

Last Updated August 10, 2018