Become a Peer-Mentor

We are looking for supportive diverse students to volunteer to serve as peer-mentors for incoming students. Peer-mentors will function as a resource and support network for their mentees. After their training, peer-mentors will:

  • Serve as a guide and a mentor for one year to incoming students
  • Check-in with mentees according to the program specification
  • Connect students to campus resources and personnel
  • Assist students navigate academic and career interest
  • Build relationship with a mentee
  • Assist mentee build a community of support at BC

Characteristics of a peer-mentor:

  • Supportive: Supports the needs and aspirations of the mentee.
  • Patient: A mentor is patient and is willing to spend time performing mentoring responsibilities.
  • Respected: A mentor is someone who has earned the respect of his/her peers and is someone that others can look to as a positive role model.
  • A teacher: a mentor may need to teach the mentee skills and knowledge required for a task or a goal to be perform successfully.
  • A Guide: a mentor serves as a guide for the mentee, points them in the right direction. (Finds Resources)
  • A “Counselor” Establish a trusting relationship, keeps personal information confidential, listen carefully to the mentee and encourages the mentee to develop problem solving skills.
  • A motivator: Provides continued motivation
  • Advisor: “If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know how to get there”
  • Referral Agent: Looks back to the goals and expectations of the mentee and refers the mentee to appropriate organizations, offices where he/she may get help etc.

Qualifications to be a peer-mentor:

  • Be a current registered Bellevue College Student
  • Have completed 45 credits or more
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Available to work up to 6 hrs. per week
  • Able to commit to serve for one academic year (3 quarters)
  • Able to mentor up to 2 mentees per quarter

MCS Mentoring Program (Peer-Mentor Application)

Application for BC students to apply to be peer mentors in the MCS Connects Mentoring Program

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    Last Updated September 1, 2021