Vacation Request

VACATION QUARTER: You may be approved to take a vacation quarter, any quarter, and take zero to 11 credits, if A) you have completed three full-time (e.g., 12+ credits for Credit/Bridge students or 18 credits for UP students, or RCL approved) consecutive quarters while B) maintaining good immigration status during this time. (Exception: A Credit Program student, arriving in the U.S. from overseas for Winter Quarter or Spring Quarter studies, may be approved for a vacation quarter for their first Summer Quarter. UP and Bridge Program students must have three full-time, in status quarters before a vacation quarter is approved.) YOU MUST Have International Student Insurance added to your student account and you will be required to pay for the insurance BEFORE your Vacation Quarter Request will be approved. Vacation quarter approval may also depend on final grades and/or Probation situation.

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  • Example: Summer 2016
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  • Please Type Initials to Verify
  • Health Insurance Must be Paid Prior to Approval! * Required
    Please indicate the current status of your health insurance payment for the quarter you are requesting Vacation.
  • please sign confirming you understand requirements for three quarters and to pay insurance and that your vacation quarter is not approved until notified by your International Advisor.
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Last Updated October 24, 2018