International High School Completion Program

What is it?

The International High School Completion (IHSC) Program allows international students who are highly motivated to enroll at Bellevue College and earn both a Washington State High School diploma and an associate (university transfer) degree at the same time. IHSC program students save time and money by completing two programs at once.


A student must:

  • Be 16 years old or older before the first day of the quarter
  • Be on a valid F-1 status to study full-time
  • Have successfully completed the U.S. equivalent of 10th grade
  • Not have already received a high school diploma or equivalent in your home country or in the US

Washington State High School Graduation Requirements

To earn a Washington State High School diploma from BC, you must satisfy all high school graduation requirements by:

  • Completing a High School and Beyond Plan (e.g., develop an education and career plan with a BC advisor)
  • Earning high school credits
  • Passing the state-approved alternative tests such as: ACT with Writing® or SAT with Essay® for English Language Arts and ACT with Writing®, ACT (no writing)®, SAT with Essay® or SAT® for Mathematics

You would take these high school requirements as part of the transfer associate degree requirements at BC. When you are admitted to the IHSC program, a designated IHSC advisor will evaluate your high school transcript to find out how many high school credits and subjects you need to complete. Advisors will work with you to develop an education plan to not only complete both high school and transfer associate degree but also to prepare you to transfer to a university upon graduation.

IHSC Admission Requirements

  • An Online International Admissions application.
  • General Admissions Requirements, and
  • Official high school transcripts including 9th grade professionally translated into English.
    • For admission purposes, we accept unofficial high school transcripts. However, we strongly advise you to submit the official, professionally translated high school transcript at the time of admissions so that we can initiate the high school evaluation review early.
    • An official and translated transcript will be required to complete the High School degree.

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Last Updated October 24, 2018