Requesting Entry Codes

In many cases, as a student admitted to the Radiation and Imaging Sciences program, you can register for RAIS courses without an entry code.  However, there are a few courses that will still require them. Additionally, current radiation and imaging professionals and imaging students may take courses through our program without enrolling in our program if space is available. If you need an entry code to register for the upcoming quarter, please complete the Entry Code Request Form below. Please note that it may take a few days to process your request. Entry Codes should be requested at least two weeks prior to the start of the quarter to ensure proper processing time.

Things to keep in mind when requesting entry codes.

  • Some of our courses are in high demand and there are more students who want to enroll than we have seats. Seats are reserved for students enrolled in the RAIS program however any unfilled seats may be filled with imaging professionals seeking continuing education credits or imaging students in associates level programs.
  • In order to take any course at Bellevue College, you must have an active Bellevue College student id (BC SID).
  • Students may be required to send in official transcripts to verify prerequisites.
  • Students and imaging professionals who request an entry code will be placed on a waitlist. An entry code will be provided two weeks prior to the start of the quarter if any seats remain open at that time.
  • If you are currently enrolled in prerequisite course(s) for the course for which you’ve requested an entry code, and you do not pass the required course(s), you will be dropped from the course that depended on completing that prerequisite.
  • Students and imaging professionals who are not Radiation and Imaging Science students may take up to 10 credit total prior to applying for and entering the RAIS program.
  • DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER. Entry codes do not guarantee you a seat in the class!  If you wait too long to register, you may find yourself on a waitlist.
  • If you don’t pay tuition before the published deadline, you may be dropped from the course, and you may lose your place to someone from the waiting list.


Last Updated November 7, 2018