KBCS Story – Kishi Bashi’s New Album: “Omoiyari”

KBCS interviews Japanese American, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi about his latest album reflecting on today’s mass incarceration and the internment of 120,000 Japanese descendants during WWII.

More Information:

Japanese American, Singer and Songwriter, Kishi Bashi’s (Kaoru Ishibashi) latest album, “Omoiyari,” highlights the experiences of incarceration. The Japanese word, Omoiyari, means holding empathy and compassion. The album is the result of two years of Ishibashi’s numerous interviews with with those affected by, and visits to former WWII internment camps, where around 120,000 Japanese descendants across the United States were incarcerated.

KBCS caught up with Ishibashi before his Seattle performance at the Showbox SODO in early October.

Kishi Bashi – Omoiyari Album

Last Updated November 1, 2019