Disability Pride Month Tidbits

Disability Pride Month Tidbits: Smart Canes.

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Kursat Ceylan, a blind engineer, recently created the WeWalk Cane. He engineered it to make social participation more accessible to blind or visually impaired people. This cane has speakers, voice assistance, Google Maps that syncs with bluetooth and does unique vibrations to let people who are blind navigate the world better.

“Unfortunately I cannot name a single city as a perfectly disabled-friendly city that is why we are trying to provide this independency for visually impaired people” shared Ceylan on CNN. “In these days we are talking about flying cars, but these people have been using just a plain stick,” he explained to CNN. “As a blind person, when I am at the Metro station I don’t know which is my exit… I don’t know which bus is approaching… which stores are around me. That kind of information can be provided with the WeWalk.”

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Last Updated November 1, 2019