Disability Pride Month Tidbits

Disability Pride Month Tidbit: Acting Disability

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The DRC has is the past highlighted issues of able-bodied actors playing disabled characters – often receiving awards for inaccurate and harmful representations. Here’s a story about an actress doing her part to ensure disabled actors are getting the chance to represent themselves.

“Jameela Jamil, who was born partially deaf but regained her hearing, seems acutely aware of a problem involving representation in Hollywood that until recently has received little attention. ‘The Good Place’ star revealed […] that she turned down an opportunity to play a deaf woman because she preferred that the role go to an actress who is actually deaf. ‘I said it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to take that role and they should find a brilliant deaf woman to play that role[. …] I think you have to make those choices and not be too greedy and make space rather than take space.”

Read more about this story which includes information on how the disability community has critiqued able-bodied actors, as well as others who feel like Jamil and are working toward representations of disabled characters by disabled actors.

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Last Updated October 7, 2019