Student Remote Alternative Testing Assistance Request Form

Testing for remote courses will mostly be done through testing platforms instructors have access to such as Canvas, Zoom, MyMathLab, etc. Students are largely expected to take tests for online courses following the same process as the rest of the class. Canvas, Respondus, and HonorLock all have accessibility features, are compatible with screen readers, and can be adjusted for individual students so the vast majority of accommodations can be provided through these modalities. This allows students and instructors the benefit of not having to arrange separate testing. Students and faculty should connect with each other to discuss the student’s needs. There are, however, some specific accommodations or situations that may best suited for referral to the DRC for assistance with remote proctoring tests for a student/course. These are very specific and rare circumstances, some examples of which are a student who may need a reader and/or scribe for their test and alternative means are not available or when a student is allowed to test at a different time than the rest of the class AND the instructor is proctoring the class test (because a test on Canvas can be taken any time).
  • Name * Required
  • Please provide all the courses you would like support with (e.g. NUTR 100).
  • If requesting for multiple courses, please specify ALL instructors for those courses.
  • How are tests for this course being provided and/or proctored for the class? Please include any remote proctoring systems being used (Respondus, HonorLock, Zoom, etc.) or testing platforms (Canvas, MathLab, etc.).
  • Please include any specific accommodations or scenarios mentioned by your instructor(s) you would like support with, or other testing-related issues the DRC can help assist with.
  • What were your takeaways from that discussion?

Last Updated July 16, 2020