DRC PRIDE Award Nomination Form

Image of person in a wheelchair, in graduation cap and gown, atop five books whose spines read, 'Promoting Radical Inclusion of Disabilities in Education.' A blue banner above the person has icons for ASL, braille, and a brain. There is blue and gold confetti around the person, and a ramp to the top of the books is on the left, made up also from the spine of a book.


DRC's PRIDE Award!

The DRC's PRIDE (Promoting Radical Inclusion of Disabilities in Education) Award was created with the goal of recognizing Bellevue College faculty or staff who go above and beyond accessibility and actively work toward inclusivity and celebration of people with disabilities as part of what makes BC diverse. Use this form to nominate a faculty or staff member!
  • This entry will be given to the nominated faculty or staff. This entry may also be used for promotional purposes to help increase awareness of ways to go above and beyond accessibility. If used in that manner, your name will not be attached even if provided below.
  • Please include your first and last name if you would like the nominated person to know who submitted their nomination.

Last Updated October 23, 2018